Familiar Faces in Student Yearbooks

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Familiar Faces in Student Yearbooks

Flipping from page to page you see the same faces over and over again.The majority of the faces are in one “clique”, the so called popular clique. In this school popularity is important to some students. If you don’t have a lot of friends then your face won’t end up about 5 times on one page, in the yearbook. If you aren’t in at least one sport then you’re not interviewed. High school life is very important to a teen in high school, because they want to go back and show their kids or family. You literally have to be social, which isn’t bad but in high school you look bad if you’re quite. If you’re not in the yearbook more than twice then all the things your future family is looking at are the kids who were once known. Some kids don’t care about not having their face in the yearbook multiple times; I asked a Junior at Molalla High School “Do you wish there was more variety of faces in the school yearbook” he answered with “Yes, it would be nice to see more faces of people I actually know. Instead of the people I don’t know.” I than asked “Do you wish that there was more you in the yearbook?” He answered with “I don’t mind not being in the yearbook all that much because I don’t like my picture being taken.” Finally I asked him “What would you like to see more of in the school yearbook?” He said “I would like to see more of the arts. There is a couple of pages of it, but I think that there should be more than just a couple of pictures.”
Another high school junior said that she doesn’t care if her face was in the yearbook more than twice. But she also said how she didn’t like that there the same 5 seniors were voted senior bests, this is what she said “There were the same 5 people in every picture, it’s really irritating. I have never been “popular” enough to be in those pictures. If we make clubs like GSA and clubs like that to make everyone feel equal. Than shouldn’t the people who take classes that are really hard get the same recognition?!” I asked her how she feels about the yearbook pictures “It kind of makes me mad, seeing the same people, there’s more people in the school to look up to than athletic people and just the popular crowed. Academic people should have their picture just as much as people who are good at sports.”
I asked a Senior “How do you feel about the Senior bests?” this is what she said ” I don’t like it, I believe that different people should be able to be recognized for who they are, who they really are. Because more than just two people are flirtatious. It seems like people who are “popular” get voted in just because they are popular and everyone likes them. And make it really be about whom they are and not what they are.” I than asked this Senior Do you wish you had your face in the yearbook more? She answered “Well, I was voted best musician, But I just really think four people shouldn’t be in there. I know a lot of people who are most outspoken, and people who have best laughs like one of my friends. I was on the swim team and I didn’t even get mentioned.” I than asked her how she felt about the special education not being in the yearbook as much as the “popular” kids. She said “I think they should, because there are some students who are more of a flirt than other kids. I just really think that people should have a bigger horizon to look at. Besides just popular faces. Because in 20 years your kids are wanting to see you in the yearbook. And they won’t be able to because you aren’t part of the “popular group”.”
I asked another senior about how she feels about the senior bests. She said this “I feel like certain people were featured far too much. It was irritating seeing the same people, even though some of them were funny.” I asked her if she would have liked to be in the yearbook more. She said “Heck yes. But only if I looked cute.”
I asked a junior about how she feels about the yearbook. This is what she said when I asked her if she wished there was more variety of faces “ Yeah, there should be a little more variety, sometimes there’s kids that don’t want to be involved, but they go to school so they deserve a chance to be in the yearbook at least twice.” I than asked her if she wanted to be in the yearbook more. She said “Not really, I’m in 2 actual pictures and one picture is named me but it really isn’t me. I do kind of want to be in the yearbook more. I was involved a lot in after school activates such as Green Team and Art Club. But My picture isn’t in any of them. I also wish they would take pictures of clubs individually a little more.” I than asked her who do you think get most of the spot light in the yearbook. She answered with “Sports is the main thing of the school so of course there will be more of it. So with seeing a lot of sports, I am not surprised.” I asked her how she feels about the yearbook all around, she said this “I think they did a pretty good job of making it how it looks. But I feel like they left out some important people of this school. The students who are mentally challenged. I looked up one girl who is challenged and she was only in the yearbook once, and it was her senior picture. I don’t think that’s fair. They also have too much of the same people for the senior bests. I believe the seniors should only be chosen one time for the senior bests. To give the other Seniors a chance.”
I than asked a freshman about what she thinks about seeing her first high school yearbook. She said this “I manly see the “popular” faces in the yearbook. I don’t see as much of the
“outcast” in it. I wouldn’t like for there to be more of me. But I defiantly want more people that aren’t always seen be seen. In middle school people were in their own groups there was the “popular” group, “middle” group and the “scene” group. I feel like it’s the same in High School, but maybe a little more together.”
Many people have different opinions. Some don’t care about who is in the yearbook and if there face is even in it. Others care a lot. They look all over the pages of the yearbook to see there face, and are disappointed in the end. The majority of the people I talked to thought that there was a lot of the athletic people and if you weren’t “popular” enough than you wont be in it as much. There are a lot of amazing people who don’t get mentioned in the yearbook. Hopefully in the future that will change.


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